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Flats in Kochi - the trend of the day

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Flats in Kochi - the trend of the day Empty Flats in Kochi - the trend of the day

Post  bergib Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:21 pm

Since the advent and growth of the IT industry, Kochi has become one of the places, where people throng to reside and have a better lifestyle. The historic monuments and aesthetic beauty of the beaches of the city have always attracted the tourists from all over the world. Builders in the city thus used to make profits from the luxury resorts and hotels. The boom of IT sector has become an added advantage for them, since residential spaces are also now much demanded by the IT professionals who want to reside near their job location. It has become a trend and a symbol of status to own flats in kochi.

Professionals employed in the IT firms and multinational companies in Kochi prefer to reside near their job location. According to them, it saves much time and effort as compared to constructing individual homes. They either buy or rent flats in such locations. They never compromise on the amenities they need. Hence, luxury flats in Kochi are much in demand. Sharing of flats is also much popular in the city. The residents of the flat share the cost or rent, among themselves, thus reducing the amount as far as an individual is concerned.

Other benefits that are often mentioned about residing in flats include 24hrs water supply and electricity, round the clock security, after sales maintenance and customer support. Builders give special attention to after sales support and maintenance, since it is very essential for obtaining positive feedback from the existing customers. This, in turn, is necessary to persuade more prospects to choose the particular builder.


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