Make cash while you surf !

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Make cash while you surf !

Post  jhnconstantine9 on Sun Jun 05, 2011 4:05 am

please correct me where to post this:

Do you get paid just by doing nothing?
i do get paid just by browsing in internet, surfing, but nothing special, im doing what i want and no specific site to visit to get paid other than this site:

i get paid every 1st day of the month by the points I've earned, just by doing nothing, what i did?
i just registered to that site and install the cashbar, which gives me points every time i browse to the internet.

additionally, they give additional points by the CLICK BONUS, BINGO SURF, and WHEEL SURF.

also, I've earned a lot by having more referrals each referrals give me 10% of there points.

average point per day is 130points just by CLICK BONUS alone,
additional 150 points per hr by browsing in internet.

so if you browse your internet for 6 hours, you've earned 900 points, plus 130 points, you have a total of 1030points all in all alone.

imagine if you have 10 referrals doing the same what you are doing,
they got 1030 points and you get 10% from them. (1030points X 10%=103.0)
(103.0points X 10referrals = 1030points)

you also get 10% of your referrals' referral.
if your referrals have 10 referrals each:
(1030points x 10 referrals each = 10300points)

you get: (10300 referral points + 1030 your point = 11330 total points) per day.

doing this all of you for 30days: (11330 X 30 = 339,900 monthly points)

so here's the MONEY:
they pay $0.107 per 1000 points every 1st day of month.
how many 1000 we got in 339,900?
yes! we got 339.9 times of 1000, multiply this with $0.107 per 1k:

{(339.9 of 1k) X ($0.107per 1k) = $36.3693}


remember that I've joined at 20dollar2surf:
This is for FREE, Klick Here To Joint

Have FUN!


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