Green homes are the need of the day

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Green homes are the need of the day

Post  MELON on Wed Sep 22, 2010 4:08 pm

Every man builds homes according to his discretion and which suits his perspective the best. It has become rather natural for human beings to ignore many elements when it comes to his dear most of all, such as his family, his occupation and nowadays his home. Homes have become dearer to human beings that today many are even ready to spend their hard earned earnings of life for this concrete structure. We may wonder that is it necessary to spend a lot on homes? But they might answer as their home is their life. This strategy has led to the ignorance of even the eco-system of which he too, is a part. As man is gifted with a developed brain and he possesses the ability to think, but as usual he thinks always late and then regrets,

The ignorance towards nature might have injured her feelings too, as nowadays she is responding in a much unexpected way that even the science developed by man falls short off to examine her responses. Her drastic change along with the changes in the life style of human beings, has led man to rethink over her preservation. Man thought of many ideas and even implemented many. But it was more effective when his implementation paved the way to one of the dearest elements of his life, home.

The reference thus made is to the green homes, which has become successful with its very implementation that it led man to realize his concealed love for nature and to be more specific, his eco-system. The Green Home Builder uses the eco-friendly materials for buildings such as the mud bricks, big stones which are cut accordingly and many recycled materials too. Special care is taken to avoid every such material which is harmful to the mental and physical heath of human beings. The use of electricity and cooking gas is minimized with the reliance of solar energy, which too forms one of the major features of the green homes. Thus beyond being a positive sign for the nature the houses are also good at increasing the efficiency of the inhabitants. Thus a green home is mutually beneficial for both nature and man, who realizes the truth of being a part of the same.


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