Major players making a beeline to enter

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Major players making a beeline to enter

Post  LyraSpicer on Thu Jul 09, 2009 11:34 am

The Housing board and other building Consortiums in general and the Larson and Toubro, an engineering giant in particular have achieved total industrialization of the various civil engineering operations. The Larson and Toubro has so far built more than 1,00,000 tenements, both in India and overseas destinations, and in all types of climatic zones and rainfall areas. With the entry of this engineering giant into the Real Estate in Kerala , major developments can be expected.

This group has recently constructed 1,148 High Income Group/Middle Income Group (HIG/MIG) tenements at Bandra and Oshiwara and have generated about 30 crore rupees as extra funds by selling these 1,148 dwelling units. Similarly, another consortium have constructed about 4000 dwelling units at Astroli.

The BG Shirke and Co have constructed over 10,000 dwelling units for a prominent agency. BG Shirke and Co have also constructed about 3,200 dwelling units in far off places adjacent to forests and in Adivasi areas of Andhra Pradesh for Singareni Collieries Co Ltd during the last 21 months. They also undertook the development of 2,200 independent bungalows for Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.

The BG Shirke and Co have also constructed thousands of quarters by exporting the building materials from the Pune manufacturing complex to countries like U.A.E, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and North Yemen from 1975 to 1982. Siporex India Ltd is also exporting Siporex floor, roof and cladding slabs to Japan and now negotiations are on for large housing projects in Punjab, Karnataka and in the Middle East and also in overseas destinations like Russia. Few Indian consortiums have operations on such a scale. While almost all the builders source the building construction materials form different sources, some of the leading players in the real estate sector have been active in both the building materials sector and also the building construction sector.


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